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Monthly Archives: April 2010

We were happy to find out this week that our BOOM project and and Bloom langauge have been selected by Technology Review magazine as one of the TR10, their “annual list of the emerging technologies that will have the biggest impact on our world.” This was news to us — we knew they were going to run an article, but weren’t aware of the TR10 distinction. Pretty neat.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions since the article launched about the project and language. So while folks are paying attention, here’s a quick FAQ to answer what the project is all about and its status.

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Saw a fun talk at the Eurosys conference today on Otherworld, a facility that allows applications to recover after an OS crash. It included a demo of an editor running over Linux running over a virtual machine. Fault injected into Linux, which crashes, reboots, and restores the editor to its previous state. Nifty. The authors point out how nice this would be for a very stateful app — say mysql running on in-memory files. (Fast and easy, right? Though clearly not a good idea relative to a real main memory db with smart logging, e.g. TimesTen, in terms of performance or reliability.)

But this got me thinking about the datacenter software stack we’re starting to take for granted, and I no longer see why we need an operating system at all.

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