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Monthly Archives: April 2009


[Update 1/15/2010: this paper was awarded Best Student Paper at ICDE 2010!  Congrats to Kuang, Harr and Neil on the well-deserved recognition!]

[Update 11/5/2009: the first paper on Usher will appear in the ICDE 2010 conference.]

Data quality is a big, ungainly problem that gets too little attention in computing research and the technology press. Databases pick up “bad data” — errors, omissions, inconsistencies of various kinds — all through their lifecycle, from initial data entry/acquisition through data transformation and summarization, and through integration of multiple sources.

While writing a survey for the UN on the topic of quantitative data cleaning, I got interested in the dirty roots of the problem: data entry. This led to our recent work on Usher [11/5/2009: Link updated to final version], a toolkit for intelligent data entry forms, led by Kuang Chen.

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1463574952_dd400430e5_m2Relational databases are for structured data, right? And free text lives in the world of keyword search?


Another paper we recently finished up was on Declarative Information Extraction in a Probabilistic Database System.  In a nutshell (as my buddy Minos is wont to say), this is about

  1. automatically converting free text into structured data,
  2. using the state of the art machine learning technique (Conditional Random Fields), which is 
  3. coded up in a few lines of SQL that integrates with the rest of your query processing.

This is Daisy Wang‘s baby, and it’s really cool.  She’s achieved a convergence where free text, relational data and statistical models all come together in an elegant and very practical way.  

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