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Monthly Archives: October 2008

It’s overtime for me to join the current millenium and start blogging.  A few things kicked me into doing this now:

In defense of my Internet cred, I’m not totally late to the game.  Back in undergrad days, I spent a lot of time writing Usenet articles: in fact I founded (i.e. collected votes for) the jazz/blues newsgroup, which was the first Internet discussion group on the topic.  It had a pretty great run in its day.  Blogging isn’t much different.  

But I’ll stick to technical computer science topics here — a bit of trendwatching, along with updates and thoughts on the research we’re doing in my group at Berkeley, and what we’re seeing from colleagues and friends in research and in the field.  I’ll kick that off soon.

Undoubtedly lots of this will be beta quality.  That’s the point, right?